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Hair P.R.P.

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SAÇ PRP Aydoganyigit,medikalestetik,botox,botoks,dolgu,dudak,varis,aesthetic,saçekim,saçekimi,istanbul,p.r.p.,peeling,yüz,burun,çene,kılcaldamar,estetik,nişantaşı,


sac_ekimiReady to take you back in your own stored blood. Recently P.R.P. treatment that keeps hair roots die and weakening the face, hair, strands of hair from becoming alive and attain the health of your hair. Own blood red blood corpuscles and platelets treated with a special potion obtained as a result of the separation, thinning is injected into the area.

P.R.P. treatment is carried out as follows weakened hair roots revival: First, the patient received 10 cc of venous blood (1 tea glass is 1/10 ‘s or so). Centrifuge the blood is separated into two parts as white and red blood. Red blood white blood cells, platelets, clotting factors, PGF (platelet growth factor) ‘s are available. Red blood special method is injected after being treated napaj thinned region. This is the basis of the application is based on tissue regeneration. This process can not hear any pain lasting a total of 30 minutes, the trail does not occur. The person who made the application may return to normal life.

Today, hair loss, decreased up to the age of puberty onset. Hair transplantation operation, the age limit of 22 is accepted throughout the world. Younger people who suffer hair loss experts recommend hair treatment. Suffering hair loss, thinning hair started thinning and the person (male or female) prp hair treatment experts (tissue regeneration), or recommend Paris Hair Mesotherapy. Weakened hair roots die face which brought to life with these treatment modalities, vitality hair growth, thickening and density are recovered.

Those who suffer from hair loss, or alopecia our guests who visit our hair from the front, top and back of the neck part of the photographs taken of age, gender, and if sent by e-mail to us along with phone numbers, pictures, Plastic Surgery and Dermatology evaluated by experts. Assessment as a result of one’s hair is in need of treatment or hair transplantation and cost information about this practice patients will be given by our experts. These evaluations will be held tentatively in order to inform the patient in general.saç ekimi alanya