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Liposolve body-sculpting injections are the newest medical technology to permanently remove unsightly fat without surgery.
The Liposolve System™ is a medically formulated series of micro injections given into the mesoderm using a tiny (4mm) needle. Our therapeutic goal is to address contour specific undesired pockets and  mezoterapibulges of fat.
LipoSolve can be used in smaller, more specific areas than liposuction. These treatments involve injecting the unwanted fat with a naturally occurring body chemical that gently dissolves the fats cell walls just under the skin and can be used anywhere in the body. The micro injections are conducted in a matrix diffusion pattern directly into the areas being treated i.e. under the eyes, love handles, bra line, saddlebags, inner thighs, inner knees, neck, arms, etc. The released fat is absorbed by the body and eliminated through the urine.

LipoSolve allows the physician and patient to monitor results between treatments. This treatment pattern allows much greater accuracy and better results than all-at-once procedures.
Usually three treatments are scheduled at bi-weekly intervals so that results can be maximized by evaluating the treatment area and effects. This “time lapse” method provides many advantages over liposuction surgery by allowing adjustments during the course of treatment to achieve optimal results. Treatments can continue until the desired results are achieved. Except for some minor bruising that fades completely within a few days, there is little evidence that a fat modifying treatment is being performed.

Liposolve provides an alternative to the weeks of down time and elastic garments required of liposuction. Patients who have already had liposuction, and find themselves with uneaven results and more noticeable cellulite, Liposolve is the solution.
Currently, the most common use for LipoSolve is treating former liposuction patients with uneven or lumpy result

What are the benefits of Liposolve Mesotherapy over surgical techniques such as liposuction?

Liposuction cannot be used to treat cellulite and in fact often ends up making the cellulite more prominent. Mesotherapy treats cellulite directly, resulting in a smoother skin surface. Mesotherapy is effective in targeted fat reduction or body sclupting, like “love handles” or “saddlebags”. Liposuction removes fat cells and subsequent weight gain is mal-distributed in the remaining adipose fat cells such as arms, neck and axillas. Mesotherapy removes fat from the cells and subsequent weight gain is symmetrical. Liposuction requires two weeks of downtime and elastic garments, Liposolve Mesotherapy requires no downtime and loose, comfortable clothing. Liposuction has significant bruising and pain, Mesotherapy minimal bruising. Liposuction is a surgical procedure requiring general anesthesia, surgery center admittance, and surgical recovery. Mesotherapy is a non-invasive procedure.How many treatments will I need?
It will vary based on your personal treatment goals, medical recommendations, and areas of the body and extent of the cellulite/fat/skin/weight to be treated. The number of visits ranges from approximately five to fifteen. Longterm weight loss from exogenous obesity may require weekly treatment for several months, personalized to the client’s specific goals, supported by daily exercise, diet management, and personalized vitamin supplements.

Is Liposolve Mesotherapy safe?

Absolutely. Mesotherapy has been used for many years (since 1922) in Europe and in now gaining acceptance in the United States.
How fast will you see results?

Results vary, according to your body type, treatment goals, and the severity of the problem. Often, clients report seeing results within two or three sessions. For certain conditions, you may appreciate immediate results. Clients with regular exercise programs seem to achieve optimal results sooner.
Will the results last?

Yes, the results will last. Liposolve is a permanent solution for bodysculpting and cellulite and spot fat reduction. However, keep in mind that maintaining your weight loss and optimal sculpting result requires consistent exercise (with cardio and light resistence training) and consistent food management discipline (emphasis on lean protein and low glycemic carbohydrates). You may elect to have touch up treatments from time-to-time.

Are the treatments painful?

No. We use topical anesthetic to assure a comfortable mesotherapy treatment. Patients feel little if any discomfort.

Are there any side effects?

The most frequent side effect is localized bruising. You may experience some bruising, which resolves over approximately one week. The MesoSphere™ recommends using arnica and grape seed extract supplements to minimize any bruising. Topical ointments such as hydrocortisone and Traumeel are further used to decrease bruising events.

Who can have Liposolve Mesotherapy?

Generally, most healthy adults between 18 to 80 may have mesotherapy for body sculpting and weight loss, cellulite treatment, and mesolift skin rejuvenation. Exclusion criteria are in place and preclude those patients confronted with moderately severe heart disease, insulin-dependent diabetes, on blood thinners or arrhythmia medications, immune-compromised and/ or organ transplant recipients, and pregnancy. Cancer patients in remission must be carefully evaulated in conjuction with their personal oncologist’s recommendations. With occasional exception, most likely this group is excluded from treatment. Hypertension must be controlled on medication. Thoughtful consideration is given to every patient request for treatment.Mesotherapy