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Chemical Peeling

Chemical peels are acidic solutions that are applied to your face to smooth the surface of your skin, improve your skin tone and color, diminish wrinkles and shrink blood vessels and pore size. The effect can be as strong as some laser treatments. kimyasal_peeling

Several types of peels are available. The light peel is made of a glycolic acid solution in concentrations much stronger than those available in over-the-counter products containing alpha hydroxy acids. The medium peel goes deeper within the skin using a solution of trichloroacetic acid or TCA. (The Obagi Blue Peel has dramatically improved the administration of this peel.) The mightiest of peels uses phenol acid. This type of peel may only be administered in a hospital setting, due to the potential of dangerous side effects.

Chemical peels can smooth and even your skin. Combining peels with microdermabrasion can give even better results.

A light peel of glycolic solution will leave your face red, but it probably will not actually peel. A TCA peel causes your facial skin to turn white shortly after the peel is administered. By the next day your skin will turn red and then start to peel off. Your skin will scab over and then reveal healthier, new skin. The recovery time usually takes about two weeks. Discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter analgesics or prescription pain medications. A phenol acid peel goes deeper into the skin and, therefore, requires more time to heal. This type of peel is rarely used any longer.One of our certified Master Aestheticians can type and scan your skin to provide you with valuable information during your free consultatition.
Surface uses the revolutionary Obagi Blue Peel, removing the thin, top layers of aged and damaged skin and allowing new healthy cells to emerge. Using a one-to-four-coat application of the Blue Peel solution mixed with trichloroacetic acid, the Blue Peel helps to reverse the appearance of the aging process and diminishes wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, acne scarring and loss of elasticity

After a Blue Peel, keratinocytes and melanocytes rush to cover the “injured” areas of treatment. New collagen production in the dermis quickly follows. The procedure, in essence, stimulates your skin and causes it to renew itself.

Our expert staff will advise you in determining a personalized approach to improve the health of your skin. The system will chemical-peel-picfirst correct the damage to the surface of your skin, balance hyperpigmentation, restore even skin tone and smooth roughness. Next, it will stimulate the deeper layers of your skin to restore elasticity and enhance the production of collagen and elastin. Thus, unlike skin care products that target single symptoms the Obagi Blue Peel treats all of your skin. And, more importantly, it treats your skin at the cellular level. That’s the science behind true skin health.

Chemical peels can be combined with a schedule of microderm treatments to achieve greater effects. Medical Microderm treatments can be used with FotoFacials, Botox, and other treatments to enhance their effectiveness.